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My Story

Lisa Pollard-Romain boasts plenty of experience on both sides of the music industry’s bargaining table – a fact that has afforded her a unique perspective on the business. Now, with her business Virtue Music Media, she’s putting that perspective to work for artists, devising custom-tailored solutions to help propel their careers forward.


In the year preceding  Virtue Music Media's launch in 2011, Lisa served as Manager of Label Services for Prolific Air Music, her professional home for the previous six years. That high-profile position found her doing marketing for a roster.   


But before she joined Lisa was pounding the pavement as an independent singer/songwriter with various projects – as she puts it, “Dealing with  artist's and doing everything for yourself.” One thing that still Immerses's her.


It’s the disparity between those two extremes – the DIY grinders and the major-label monoliths – that inspired her to launch Virtue Music Media and help independent artists access services typically offered by a record label without having to forfeit a percentage of all their revenues.


Virtue Music Media’s list of a-la-carte services includes project/artist management, social media auditing, digital marketing and production and beyond. We also help to connect clients with trusted freelancers for services such as design, photography, web development, and more.


Solutions are specifically catered to each artist and their brand, transparency is central to the business, ensuring that artists understand and approve where funds are spent and why.  


“In today’s music business, you don’t need a label to do well,” Lisa says – and she should know. “With the right kind of development, promotion, and advertising, a career in music is more accessible now than it’s ever been, and we want to empower artists to pursue their passion and keep their focus on making great art.”


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